I don’t think I am the first blogger who posted a comment on this, but I just couldn’t resist putting down this piece. This will probably be the funniest snippet of ‘Hari Ini Dalam Sejarah’ ever in the future. Shah Rukh Khan being conferred Datukship?!

I presume then, all Malaysians, especially those who have stepped foot overseas, should be ‘crowned’ a Datuk. After all, we went out to promote Malaysia, right? I, for one, (and I am sure others, too) spoke highly of Malaysia when I was studying in the UK. I promoted Melaka, Penang, East Malaysia and of course, KL.

Or, maybe I should be ‘knighted’ by the UK authorities. I went to UK 3 times – no joke man! – around Europe once and also promote the UK every day! I tell people of my wonderful experience as a student and tourist there and make them wanna go! Certainly this is more contribution than Datuk Shah Rukh Khan, right??????

So, gimme my Datukship now!

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