White Rabbit

Whoa, due to the contaminated milk scare in China, I can’t believe that the authorities (whoever they are) are saying that the White Rabbit creamy candies we’ve been eating all through our childhood is poisonous!

Wonder which part of my insides isn’t working!

But really, its kinda sad to see them go and I guess it will be quite a while before they can regain their consumer’s trust and monopolise the market again. Why monopolise? Well, me thinks that they are so popular that no other candies can actually match them.

The thing that got me fascinated as a kid was their edible ‘paper wrapping’. Naive as I am, I tried so hard to peel the darn thing off until I was told that it could be eaten. And then, I remember, whoa….. you can eat the paper wrapping? And then went around telling every one who didn’t know.

White Rabbit candies have always been one of my favourites. Most of the time, I will find them in one of my relatives’ house and nostalgically I will pop them into my mouth. After all, if they are made of milk, then they should be more ‘nutritious’ then others sugar and coloring-laden ones, right?

I’m sure parents would approve of their kids eating these. Mine did.

But who knows, these are the worst of the lot! Melamine! Even worse than colouring! Can die, some more! Sigh….

I just don’t understand why people in China could do things like this just to make a few quick bucks.


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