Yesterday was the big day of one of my closest colleagues in the office and also the first time ever I attended a church wedding. Myself and 2 other colleagues car pooled to the church, which wasn’t exactly very far but foreign enough for us to worry about being lost.

However, we managed to find the place and were (thankfully) one of those early-birds. One mistake another colleague and I made was to wear red. Thinking that I would probably stand out in group pictures it is better to wear red than black, to a wedding, we were mistaken for members of the choir (Pat – you should’ve told us not to wear red) but luckily though, we kinda told the usherer that we are the bride’s guests and was ushered to sit rather than sing. Plus I don’t think the bride would be very amused with us singing at her church wedding. Haha.

The wedding ceremony started not long after we arrived and although the church was not full, there were enough family and friends present to share he couple’s awww… moments. I thought it was touching when it came to the point where the bride’s dad handed her over to the groom. One of my colleagues present was almost in tears at this stage (we wonder why). Of course, we did manage to snap some pictures but these have to wait until uploaded by the camera’s owner.

Anyway, the whole process was simple and sweet and the priest/pastor did not really say much. I had expected it to drag on quite a bit and thought that there was going to be a long sermon. According to a colleague, the length of the ceremony depends on the priest/pastor. If he chooses to speak longer, then he will. It came as a relief, too, cos my stomach had started to make embarassing growls throughout. (I DID have my breakfast, okay!) After the announcement of the husband-and-wife thingy, we took some pictures with the couple and left for banana leaf rice lunch.

The couple’s wedding reception was on the same evening in a hotel which route I am familiar with. After picking up a colleague and her daughter AND weaving through extremely heavy traffic, we got there just in time for buka puasa and didn’t have to wait long until dinner was served. The bride and groom, of course, looked like they are the happiest couple ever (of course they are!) and alongside with equally energetic friends, everyone yumseng-ed the night away.

Talking about the couple, my colleagues and I actually saw them through their paktor-ing stage. It was funny somehow reminiscing how the groom will come to our office all the time, waiting to pick his ladylove and then putting up with us the annoying bunch of colleagues. Come to think of it, he really went through a lot to finally win her (right, Paddy? Sorry la, for treating your hubby so bad last time!) And the thing was, we never saw others’ (ie, Daffers and Angie) other halves except for him.

And, the only thing I remembered clearly was how we coerced him into getting us a tub of Pringles when he came to see her. Haha. Maybe I should’ve given them a carton of Pringles as their wedding gift. Well, cliche as it may seem, time did fly by and sitting there as a guest looking at them dancing (and trying hard to pop open that darned bottle of champagne) really is so sweet.

May they live happily ever after! And although I know both of you don’t intend to have those little monsters running around so soon, I still hope that I’ll get to torture love them! Muahaha!!


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