The things we do

When I first got the SMS, I thought I must be as excited as he was. The SMS was from my colleague’s husband one night (hey, no funny thoughts!) and it read:

I am planning for a surprise birthday party this Saturday for Sheila/Angie at (address) at 7pm. Please confirm if u r able 2 attend. Tq. Hector.

Since Angie is one of our close colleagues, we agreed lah, and there started our secretive exchange of SMSes and emails (hahaha..) Thank goodness I managed to get everyone to come and be on time, or else the ‘surprise’ element would’ve gone a bit stale.

I am going to write a bit of what happened on our side while I guess Angie will be writing in her blog how her husband lied to his wife managed to keep everything under wraps and well, tell a bit of white lies in between.

So, after getting the SMS, I replied saying yes and asked him to email me instead cos there is only so much you can write in an SMS. Furthermore, I was sure that there are a lot of things to plan – timing and synchronisation was crucial. I have not done any ‘surprise’ birthday parties before and naively asked him if we should be hiding somewhere when we arrived at her condo.

It was reassuring to hear of his plan – he would bring her out and then someone would be in the house to greet us. We were to arrive before 7pm and family would come back innocently after 7. And when Angie opens the door…… you know what to do.

So, there goes excited me forcing asking people nicely to come, telling them the specifics, etc. It’s what I do best anyway, ahem. Glad it wasn’t exhibition time, else, I will go bonkers. I initially invited only the Unicorn Club thinking that Hector wanted to keep it small. Then on Friday, he called again asking for more people. So, again, I went around asking people if they could make it and made them reply ASAP. I know la, with catering, you need to know!

So, after the confirmation, we set out to buy gifts on Saturday afternoon. Part of my plan in doing so is to keep Iren from going home to ‘take a nap’. We found gifts which we hope both mother and son will like and set out of the office at 6pm – just in case we sesat, you know! It’d be funny if we meet Angie at the carpark or lift!

Okay, too lazy to put everything into paragraphs – look at chronological bullet points of the heart attack situations:

  • Visali who was tumpang-ing our car was late. Iren, Jenn and Diana annoyed
  • As we were driving, there were 2 very loudspeaking, backseat drivers. Jenn wanted to go crazy already and had difficulty telling Iren where to go
  • When we reached the spot where Jln Pelangi 1 was supposed to be, we found it missing. Diana was screaming go straight, go straight past the traffic light but Jenn was sure that Jln Pelangi 1 was before the traffic lights. Don’t know how to read maps, this woman!
  • Iren took two daring U-turns to go back to the same spot where Jln Pelangi is supposed to be. Stopped there and 4 pairs of eyes can’t find the road. Jenn W called Jenn X – telling her we are facing Karak Highway, but Jenn X also don’t know where to go
  • Diana kept screaming that Iren go into one obscure road that some cars are going into. Jenn don’t agree, just in case the road leads back to Karak Highway. Then, in Karak highway, no U-turn, go back to KL, habislah our surprise party!
  • Iren got pissed off, went down the car to ask for direction
  • Noriza called Jenn on the phone (first thought – don’t tell me she sesat, cos we also sesat) and told her that they are there (phew!) So Jenn asked if they took a U-turn after Karak Highway and they did. So, Diana was right – go into that road
  • Iren came back and confirmed Diana was right – go into that road
  • So, off we go and we found Pelangi 1 and then Pelangi 9
  • Jenn W called Jenn X and confirmed that we are at condo. Jenn X says she will be arriving soon
  • So, the whole group waited at the guard’s house.
  • Waited and waited and waited.
  • Started to think funny, worried that Angie might suddenly come home since its already past 7pm. Hope that Hector will keep in touch with Jenn X
  • Funny thoughts – maybe we’ll see Angie at the guardhouse. We’ll make do with screaming surprise there
  • Or what if Shaun started to throw tantrums? Then Angie has to come back early. Never mind, Hector can handle him
  • Then we see a car coming, with Angie’s mom and dad. Didn’t see Jenn X – should we approach them?
  • They walk past without acknowledging us. Never mind, we follow them, maybe they got the key
  • We found out that they didn’t have they key but thankfully, Jenn X came with the key shortly.
  • Had problems with unlocking the gate!
  • After a few tries, gate and door unlocked. (Phew)
  • Every one waited in the house for Angie
  • Xavier Sisters attempted to switch on TV and aircon but don’t know how to. No one does. Successful after some fiddling
  • Closed the door, brought in all shoes, sat quietly.
  • Suddenly we heard knocking – thought Angie is back -weird, she wouldn’t knock, would she? The heard child’s voice – Shaun? – open door slowly. Ceh, Angie’s sister with nieces.
  • Pat called, wondering if we have ‘surprised’ Angie. Told her no. She and Ea Wei downstairs, hesitant to come up, afraid might see Angie at lift. Jenn says its safe to come up. Quickly SMSed Hector just in case they are also coming up to the condo
  • Finally after caterers arranging stuff and buka puasa time, Hector announce arrival. Everyone got ready. Jenn whipped out her camera.
  • And when the door opened, we screamed – ‘Surprise!’

This was how it went:

Successful, eh? Although I sorta expected some jaw-dropping reaction, but anyway… let’s see the birthday song pulak:

You can see from the mirror our reflection, although I mainly targeted my camera at mother and son.

So, that was it lah, we’ll see other people’s photos. And oh yeah, I end this with a picture of a very happy family:

Happy family

Happy family


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