How disappointing…

i just got back from another late night committee meeting and guess what, after all the hard work and long discussions we put in, the whole issue has to be called off, since the majority of people are not co-operative enough. Talking loudly and agreeing verbally to everything is one thing, but actually carrying out the actions is another. When you talk about actually digging into your pockets and fishing out the money, few would do so.

So, why bring up the whole issue in the first place? Why nod your heads so furiously when suggestions are brought up? Why don’t you come and see for yourself the work that the whole group has done?

*shakes head*

While I understand that it might be difficult for some people to come up with the money, I am amazed by some others who said they agree to do so and yet try to avoid your calls and keep delaying in paying up. Sheesh. Got money to buy a RM300k house, no money to even pay for RM500?! And if everyone co-operates, we don’t even need to pay RM500 in the first place. And, if you really don’t want to participate, say so lah. Then others would not need to work so hard, put in extra effort and go round to ask you so many times. You think we got nothing better to do?

I have to study lah, wei….


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