Author: Lesley Pearse

What would you do if you were someone who were supposed to be born with a silver spoon in your mouth, but due to some complicated twist of fate, you were sent to live with a poor family instead? What would you do, if, growing up in a happy family, you suddenly find your young, naive life come crashing down? And what would you do, when life seemed to take a better turn, only to see something you shouldn’t have seen and be forced to leave everything behind, and be forced to live life like a homeless vagrant?

Hope, our heroine in this book, took the unfortunate events in her life so determinedly that in the end, it was happily ever after for her. (Well, which story doesn’t end that way?)

The story kicked off with Hope’s birth as an illegitimate child, nearly killed because of her secret and miraculously saved and adopted by a poor, loving family. No members in the family (except for the parents and eldest daughter) ever doubte her origins. She grew up to be a curious child, with extraordinary compassion towards the sick, thus a magical ‘healing’ power.

Hope’s life was full of challenges and it is interesting to read how she took on all these with positiveness. The book is also laden with paragraphs of history – which I had gladly skipped. I am not too much of a factual or history reader, so, I concentrated on the fiction part. Nevertheless, I still am able to follow the story quite well.

If you are looking for a light read, then this is not for you. The compassion within Hope and her journey through life will linger on even after you’ve finished.

Am hoping for more Lesley Pearce books in the future – when I have the time.

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