Busy? Or not?

The last two weeks had been quite hectic. Every night, I would just crash onto my bed, be asleep within minutes and won’t really wake up until the morning call knock on my door.

Tiredness these days seem to come easily and, I think, doesn’t have a direct correlation with busyness. You see, when I am busy, time will fly and at night, I would still be wide awake. I reckon it’s just all the adrenalin rushing inside me that keeps me awake.

Tiredness only sink in when I use my brain too much. Okay, I know there are a lot of reports saying that we only use one third of our brain, which is a waste, I know, but what I am saying is, when I do a lot of thinking.

I had to fill up a job application form, rack my brains to recall examples of what I did over the past two years and also come up with answers to some interview questions. The interview is taking place this coming Tuesday. It is certainly not easy to think of what you did and try to blow it up a bit by making make sure it ‘satisfies’ what the new position requires of you. I do what is required of me every day, but ask me to think of one really good, concrete, example — sighss…

Not only that, I had to also prepare for a presentation, look through the slides, think of what to say and make a to-do list to ensure I don’t forget anything. Although I have done this for the past few weeks, I had to re-do this week’s (Saturdays) since one of the presenters couldn’t make it and I have to touch on a bit of his points. How la, can I put so much int my brains. Must upgrade already to 100GB…

Also, my MBA course has started and since getting the assignment question, I have started to ‘stare’ at it for a long time, trying to decipher what the question really want me to do. I have printed the journal article where the assignment question is based on and have yet to even attempt to start reading it. And there are more readings – the module handbook and reference book – which I need to complete before I can critically analyse the journal article.

Course aside, I have also been attending weekly meetings (one was held at 9.30pm!) in my housing area. I am now one of the Tmn Dagang Permai Residents committee member. No, I didn’t volunteer to be on it, but rather accidentally selected.

You see, we really wanted to get a security services and since every one was like having the nonchalant attitude, I guess someone has to be proactive, else it isn’t going to happen at all. I am not alone, though, and am glad that some of us are really concerned about the housing estate’s welfare and took the trouble to lead.

And I don’t even have time to write or blog!

Now if you excuse me, I have to think of what’s ‘sufficient quantitative awareness to enable the analysis and understanding of the quantitatively oriented publications that you will encounter in the remainder of the programme’ 


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