My learning style

The very first thing that I learnt in the first module of my MBA programme (other than what’s distance learning, the types and all those crap) was finding out my learning style. There was a weblink recommended in the book, where students could ‘test’ their learning style.

Vark– that’s the name of the site offers a series of questions that would enable you to find out how well you learn.

Before even attempting the questions, I already sort of had an inkling on how well I understand things. I am definitely a more ‘visual’ kind of person. Say, you want to describe to me how a room looks and how the furniture are arranged.

You can just tell me verbally, I can’t visualise it at the back of my head. Draw the whole room on a piece of paper and I get it. And, no audio books for me. I want to read something on paper.

The test results were a bit surprising:

Visual – 6
Aural – 2
Read/Write – 12
Kinesthetic – 7

I thought I would be more ‘visual’ but then again, come to think of it, this is indeed true. Every time I tried to learn, I will start writing down notes, making lists, creating bullet points, highlighting key words, etc. I tried mind mapping – drawing charts and diagrams, arrows here and there, but it didn’t work. I still went back to note-taking.

What a revelation.

So, from now on, since my learning style is more read/write, I will concentrate on note-taking rather than trying out mind mapping again.

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