Life is…

… so unpredictable.

I logged on to Facebook this morning only to be greeted by a message that tells of the death of another. Someone I barely knew well, but still know. We went to school together and she was the sister of a girl in my year.

It was an accident that took her. The first accident that came into my mind was the one that happened early one morning near Tmn Connaught. It couldn’t be, could it? I didn’t know whether it was the same accident, but reading the report in the newspaper gave me the chill. I used the road often, but not often enough to be there everyday.

What if I was there in the morning? What if it happened during a time when we are on the road, heading to Mid Valley? What if it happened right in front of me? Too many what ifs.

When I saw the news, my heart kind of slowed down. I couldn’t believe just how fragile life can be. One day you are alive and partying, another, you are lying motionless, your family grieving over you. You won’t be able to laugh with your friends anymore, you won’t need to work anymore. You won’t be able to watch the Olympics or shop till you drop during the sales.

Sigh. The deceased was young. Younger than me, at least. I wonder how her parents would cope. Wonder if they blamed themselves (even if its not their fault) and wonder how life would be for them after this.

My condolences to the whole family.


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