One Hit Wonder

Author: Lisa Jewell

I did not buy this book on purpose, but rather, it was kindly ‘donated’ by a colleague of mine who was moving home (to Spain, no less) and probably didn’t like to idea of carrying loads of books home.

Bee Bearhorn, a stunning woman in her prime, was found dead in her apartment. Her sister, Ana, whom she adored but barely know, travelled all the way from Devon to London to clear her rented apartment, only to discover something amiss about her sudden and lonely death. Unable to believe that her seemingly happy and glamorous sister had killed herself, she decided to settle down to find out the exact cause of her death, even though it meant leaving her agrophobic mother at home.

 The whole book juxtaposed mainly on the differences between both sisters, what they thought of each other, with some chapters a flashback on Bee’s life. Ana, as she went along discovering more clues to her sister’s death, also found her self-worth. An extremely low in confidence young woman when the book started, she managed to grow into a butterfly with the assistance of Bee’s good friends.

I liked this book very much. I could not stop turning the pages as I can’t wait to find out what had actually happened to Bee Bearhorn. It was revealed only towards the end that Bee had been keeping to herself a dreadful secret that she shared with no one, and this secret was the thing that had caused her lifelong depression and ultimately, death. Not only was I served an interesting ‘mystery’ that kept me reading, there were also elements of family love – which seemed like jealousy and hate – but, in actual fact, unconditional love and pride.


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