Sakae Sushi

My mom and I went to One Utama last week and since she could not decide on what to eat, I made the decision instead and went in to Sakae Sushi.

I am a big fan of Japanese food, be it cooked or uncooked. A regular in Sushi King and Genki Sushi, I have yet to try M’sia’s Sakae Sushi, I thought why not. And oh, the last time I was in S’pore, I went to one, dragged by my brother.

Their cute little green frog logo was one of the things that makes the restaurant quite attractive, along with their high tech ordering process. Each seating/cubicle comes with a personal screen, where you can order whatever you want ‘online’ throught their Interactive Menu.

Well, this might be a bit difficult for those who are not IT savvy, but their staff were ever willing to take your orders the pen and paper way.

(The Interactive Menu where you navigate using a mouse)

I, of course, tried out their online ordering, which will even show how much your final bill will come up to (minus those plates you grab from the sushi belt).

Mom decided not to order anything else, since she was not too hungry. As for me, I selected their Chicken Kaminabe, which I have not tried before and isn’t available in Sushi King or Genki.

The selection of food is pretty much standard – sushi, sashimi, teppanyaki, miso soup, bento sets, etc – among the three, but I noticed Sakae has another selection; the premium sushi. These, of course, comes at a ‘premium price’.

I don’t find their sushi particularly nicer in taste than the two I usually go to even though Sakae’s pricing is higher. I don’t also find their sushi to be any fresher – basically they taste just the same. Even for my favourite salmon sushi.

The Kaminabe I ordered was quite disappointing. I am not sure if it was supposed to be that way, but most of the vegetables that comes in the pretty little paper bowl is not properly cooked. The only thing that is fully cooked is the chicken pieces.

I have seen a TV show promoting Kaminabe and it seems fun to have, although I thought (initially) that everything is supposed to be raw and cooked over that silly slow ‘fire’ in front of the customer. Once it is served, however, I sort of understood how it worked. Everything is pre-cooked and then served to the customer in this paper bowl over small fire, like steamboat.

The whole idea is the presentation ‘style’ and the fire went off in less than 5 minutes. I guess that is the time that I should finish my food? But having said that, presentation or not, the food should be properly cooked before they are scooped into this thing? Well….

In addition to not being cooked, the cabbages, especially were not of good quality. When we cook at home, we clean the cabbage and remove its core (or stem, depending on what you want to call it) leaving only the tender leaves. And yet, I find several pieces of really ‘hard’ core floating in my soup base. What a put off!

I did read up Sakae’s reviews on other blogs and have yet to find one that echoes what I think about the food.

Maybe its just me.

But I don’t think they are good.

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