Weird dream

I had this really weird dream last night and appeal to anyone who has some inkling on deciphering the meaning of dreams to let me know.

I got married to this guy and his name was Mohd Radzif (yes, Malay). Funnily enough, it was an arranged marriage (by whom, don’t ask). Too bad, can’t see his face, don’t know whether he was super duper handsome or rich. Anyway, the very next day after finding myself married, I went to Batu Caves (hahahaha) and attempted to climb up the famous staircase. Can’t see my hubby anywhere, but sort of knew he was there with me. I think he was already up ahead of me and there I was wondering if I should go after him. Then appeared my colleague Angie, whom I told I can’t continue up the stairs cos i was afraid of heights.

Yes, that’s the end of it. It’s so funny, especially the end, that I nearly laughed out loud recalling this afternoon.

So, what’s the meaning behind this? And what does the name Mohd Radzif mean? I don’t suppose this will be so accurate that one day, I will be married to someone named Radzif, so, there must be some meaning to the name.

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2 comments on “Weird dream

  1. Angie says:

    Hahaha!!! you dream is so funny……just becoz you went to Batu Caves, I came into your dreams hah!!!

    Eh! if you marry Mohd. Radzif you have to puasa you know….boleh ke??

  2. wanderfullest says:

    I found it funny, too! That’s why I posted it here. I don’t wanna puasa, cannot tahan lapar le..

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