Things people do

When I saw this in the paper the other day, I could only shake my head. No, I wasn’t angry, of course. Why should I? These people have done sillier things. The only thought that came into my mind was how stupid can they be and how long this topic is going to be the talk-of-town. Oh well, perhaps until there is more juicy news being korek-ed from the Anwar saga.

First of all, they knew that this is going to spark a public outcry, whatever reason they might have. Secondly, come on la, if you are not the one using the cars, you will complain, right? Ask any 5-year-old and they know that Mercedez are expensive cars.

Next thing we know, they’d be buying their office wear from DKNY or Gucci or whatever because these designer brands are more durable. As for us? Go buy from Carrefour or Tesco lah..


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