Reunion of all sorts…

… it is, on 2 July 2008

One of my school mates came back to M’sia for a visit (from London) and initiated a reunion. Since it was supposed to be a gathering of us ex-BBGSians, where else better to do it other than our good ol’ school grounds – which is now a mega shopping centre – The Pavillion.

We were one of the ‘happening’ groups in our class (or school, I hope) – the one with the naughtiest and cheekiest members who don’t need to study at all, and yet managed to pass all exams.

Don’t ask me why, but we named our group ‘Mini Zoo’, with yours truly being Goldfish.

Mini Zoo (clockwise from top) – Goldfish, the Zoo Keeper, Giraffe, Babee, Polo Ah Pek & Froggy. Two members missing: Kerbau (camera lady) and Polar Bear (not present)

I know the picture is blurry, but this is the best picture I can find with every one included. Will upload another once a clearer one is available.

We parked ourselves at the C Club, a very, very upmarket restaurant in the shopping centre. The Club (or whatever you call it) retails diamonds at its lower level (known as the Carat Club), so, we practically had a ‘glittering night’.

But ‘glittering night’ it wasn’t, actually. We had a marvellous time catching up, laughing like we were school girls once again, drawing annoyed stares (or were they amused?) from waiters and guests nearby. And oh, Anita Sarawak nearly sat at the table next to us, but she changed her mind on eating there. We were too noisy, perhaps?

Mini Zoo (L-R) – Kerbau, The Zoo Keeper, Giraffe, Froggy, Goldfish

Although dinner that night was a bit pricey, I am sure that every one of us had enjoyed ourselves. I was laughing so hard reminiscing our teachers my jaw ached like mad. Froggy, the only mother that night, gave her views on giving birth and thank goodness we were all done with dinner, otherwise we would be really turned off the food. Anyway, the other 3 married members (who were planning for a baby, by the way) weren’t too sure now of having a baby.

Luckily for me, I don’t think I’d be having one anytime soon. Heh.

Our night lasted till almost 11pm, way past my bedtime. And trust me, there were still people hanging out at that place, don’t ak me why, when all shops were already closed.

Mom wasn’t too happy when I reached home, of course, but what to do, we haven’t met up for ages and that day was the only day we could go on and on. She expects me to be home by 10pm. Going home late (late means before 12mn, okay) once in a while shouldn’e hurt too much. Well, even Cinderella gets to go home by 12mn, so, why should I get home by 10pm?!


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