I am going to blog about a company that pissed me off real bad. Yes, they are AIA Malaysia. I bought my housing insurance, or more commonly known as houseowner’s insurance from them, and their service suck BIG time. I aim to tell every one who would want to hear, so that these people cold in turn casually mention to their friends – oh, I heard AIA’s service suck big time! – and these people, in turn, mention it to more. Hah, talk about how complaints travel fast.

Don’t buy any of their products! Which is a shame, actually, cos I was hoping to transfer my housing loan to them, but since AIA never cherished me as an existing customer, I wonder why should I give them more business?

Well, what happened dates back to the second year after I moved into this place of mine and also the year when I am supposed to renew my houseowner’s insurance. Ok, Citibank, my mortgagee sent me a reminder. AIA also sent me a reminder. It was somewhere is May and my insurance is due on 20 June.

Well, since it’s still early, I paid only first week of June. The renewed policy never came. Citibank kept sending me reminders and ‘warned’ that they will take up a policy on my behalf if I don’t send them the renewed policy soon.

20 June came and the policy never arrived. I called up AIA asking what happened and was told that there is this thing that their company does – they print their policies only at the end of the month. I did not question why this is so, despite it being an utterly stupid rule altogether. What I had to do then was call up CTB, apologise, send the renewed policy over and got them to reverse a charge that was charged into my loan account. Can’t blame CTB, since they did not receive my policy, they took one on my behalf.

Forward to this year. Reminders came. This time, I sent in my payment in May itself. Payment was cleared on 13 May. Called them a week later and was promised that the policy will be on its way. OK, if the policy is printed at the end of the month, I still have time.

End of May came. No policy. Maybe on its way through post.

First week of June came. No policy.

2nd week came. No policy. Called up again. Told that the policy has been sent. Yeah, right.

3rd week. Still no policy. Extremely pissed. Sent complaint to AIA via website. If there is a fax number or mailing address I would’ve sent a formal letter. Interestingly, the receipt confirming my payment arrived. Dated 13 May.

4th week. No policy.

1st week July. Policy came. The date stamp on the envelope was blurred, can’t see when they sent the mail. Opened it up. Statement shows that policy was printed 21 June. What the heck??!!

So, there. Please, if you ever read this, help me tell every one.


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