Song as old as rhyme…

I know I have not been updating much, but the fact is, my modem was struck by lightning and I have no choice but to go offline for almost 2 weeks.

Yes, a lot has happened for the past 2 weeks and one of it was me going to the Beauty and the Beast Musical in KL Convention Centre!

I was contemplating on whether to splurge or not on a ticket, when lady luck came into the office and the Convention Centre people offered us (their regular customers) free tickets to watch the musical.

Although the tickets were free, we got really good seats. So, thank you, KLCC!

Anyway, we went for the second night’s show, which I think it’s good cos surely Belle, the Beast and all their friends are still raring to put on a good show. And a fantastic show it was! My colleagues and I were highly entertained, and I certainly did not regret staying back (the show started late) and getting home waaayyyy past me bedtime.

The choreography was amzing, not to mention the synchronisation – we could not notice any out of sync movements from them at all. Well, at least I did not notice any, but another colleague who went on the last day mentioned that she could see some out of sync acts. In addition to these two, the songs that came with the show brought me back to the times when I watched B&B as a child and sighed over the transformation of Beast into a handsome prince. Kinda cheesy to me now, but still the whole musical did bring back the fuzzy warm feeling.

The only thing I had to complain about is the way the stage is positioned. We were seated near the aisle on the far left and scenes which took place on the left corner of the stage were completely invisible. If you’ve seen the Musical, these are the scenes where Belle sat on the steps leading to her house (?)

And, I also thought that Beast was not that handsome, which is quite disappointing. He did not have much ‘stage time’ compared to Gaston, the evil, self sufficient, village hunk who thinks he owned Belle. He did give a very good performance and my, he can really dance!

Well, I must say that I am happy that I have gone and probably happy, too, if I had paid to watch it. Hopefully, there will be more musicals to come!


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