100 words?

I came across yet another writing website, 100 Words, for wannabe writes like me. It isn’t something like those I have come across before – writing prompts – but poses an every day challenge to writers who do not have the time (or discipline) to write everyday.

What’s the challenge?

Well, those who are interested can join as a member for free. If you decide to take up the challenge, you are to write 100 words per day, every day for a month. Yes, 100 words only, no more, no less. For someone who writes, 100 words is nothing, writers are used to penning (or churning) out 50k words in a month. So, compared to 3000 words (100 per day x 30 days), this is nothing.


The challenge is such that you should write no more and no less than 100 words. You can write about anything, which adds on to the difficulty, cos one day your mind will just go blank and there is absolutely nothing you can write!

And, you are not allowed to write that 100 words earlier or later, ie, you MUST write that 100 words on that day. No writing 200 words and keep it for tomorrow because you know you are going to be busy or lazy. Or, no writing 300 words today cos you’ve been lazy for the past 3 days.

I was thinking whether to take up this challenge or not. After all, there are no restrictions, you can write snippets, stories or even poetry. Whatever. And, if you made it through that block of 30 days, ALL your 100 words work will be featured in the website.

I have not properly gone through everything every one else had written, but they are quite good. And, my problem is, if I write with speed, my grammar and structure will be all wrong. My work needs editing!

Well, maybe I’ll just try posting 100 words per day here for the time being and if I can keep up, I’ll sign up.

P/S: This post has 340 words

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