Atrium by Bridgestreet Manchester

I was sent for a training to the UK by my company and was put up in a serviced apartment on Princess Street, Manchester. The building was just a short walk from the office, so, I guess the convenience explains why our group was put there despite the cost (GBP90 per night inclusive of breakfast)

Some photos:

Entrance of the apartment – Atrium by Bridgestreet, Manchester

Foyer and reception area

My apartment! Central House

The block of apartments were about 20 mins drive away (by taxi) from Manchester Airport and the ride costed us GBP20.00. When we arrived, it was not that busy, so, we were able to check in quickly and try to recover from our jet-lag. Come to think of it, it was never too busy at the reception the whole 14 days we were there. I was checked-in to Central House, one of their three blocks of apartments. My colleagues were placed in another block.

My soft, comfortable bed

Room with a not-so-pleasant view

My first impression when I unlocked the doors of my apartment was relief. It is clean (the most important criterion) but then depression slowly sank in, not because it isn’t up to my expectations, but because the apartment was so huge it made me feel lonely.

First thing I checked out was the room. It is quite small, but cosy enough for me. It had a double bed, a cupboard for me to put my clothes, a small TV sitting on top of a chest of drawers (which I never used), and a full length mirror. Of course, all the other neccessities like ironing board, hairdryer and clothes hanger were available, too.

The living room

Small little TV at a corner

Work area – after all, we were there for work

The living room and kitchen is separated from the bedroom in another area, so, basically my room, the living room and the bathroom are all ‘individual rooms/areas’ with a doors. So, as you enter from the main door, all you see will be three closed doors at all four corners. One for the bedroom, one living (and kitchen) and one bathroom.

I rarely used the living room. When I get back from work, I would keep myself in the bedroom, read or watch TV. By the way, the channels available on the living room TV differs from the channels available on the bedroom TV. Wonder why.

The channels available include Sky TV (paid channels), too, so, the selection wasn’t too boring. My favourites while I was there include ‘Are you smarter than a 10-year-old’, Brainiac and some random cartoons. Internet connection is available at the workstation but the charges are exhorbitant. Better check your mails in the office.

The kitchen which was connected to the living area

The kitchen!

The kitchen has most of the basic utensils that one needs, such as pots and pans, knifes, cutleries, plates, cereal bowls and… microwave oven, fridge and dishwasher! Didn’t really make full use of the kitchen, except the one at my colleague’s apartment cos I went over to cook. My stay there also taught me how to use a dishwasher! Hahaha… I can’t deny that it is very convenient, but the thought of cleaning just one or two bowls and using so much water puts me off from using it every day.

Overall, I would recommend all business travellers to stay at the Atrium – if budget permits. If my stay was longer, I would’ve made use of the kitchen more to whip up some home-cooked dinner. After all, Sainsbury is also just a short walk away.

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