Marriage proposal

No, I am not proposing to anyone nor was I proposed to. No such luck yet.

I was reading my frequently visited blogs when I chanced upon this entry which I think is quite sweet. Although there were quite a number of unfavourable comments left on the blog, I am happy to know that the girl had accepted this fella’s proposal and hope they’d live happily ever after. Sounds cliche, I know, but still…

Anyway, this was I think a whole lot better than the one who put up a billboard in LDP. It was just plain stupid for someone to spend so much money in a proposal. Yea, some of you might say that I am a case of sour grapes, but any one who is in a marriage already would agree that it doesn’t really matter how much you spent on the proposal, right?

As long as you really love each other and you are happy after marriage, who cares about the proposal?

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