Updates & dreamgirls

I know I had been MIA for too long from my blog and it isn’t healthy. I remember blogging the last time that I should be writing more and ever since my humble little piece got published, I got lazy. Very lazy. Okay, I have an excuse – I have been really busy at work and all those travelling really tire me out. Every night when I logged on to WordPress and tried to blog, I kept yawning, and my mind shuts down completely. It has only been a week after I got home and this Friday, I’ll be off again. To the UK for training this time.

Okay, this might sound good, but I really, really dread the long flight. I am one who could not sleep without a flat bed, so, being squeezed into a cramped chair for 16 hours isn’t inviting, although I get to visit the UK again. Sigh.

Anyway, I have also been following this online model search reality show titled Malaysian Dreamgirl. It is not that bad, considering (and comparing) the fact that I thought Malaysia’s Most Beautiful (a previous reality show) crap.

This is available only exclusively online and is modelled (no pun intended) after Tyra Bank’s America’s Next Top Model. The initial 12 girls were shortlisted and one of them was a famous blogger. Of course, there is a generous amount of controversies (and cat fights) thrown in – if not, the show wouldn’t be so interesting, would it?

I am not going to post all 12 pictures here, but let me show you my favourites (and not so favourite!):

Very young still, only 18 years old, and of mixed Malay and Chinese parentage. To me, she looked more like a Chinese, though. Well, in actual fact, Linda Chung (a TVB actress). She is the only one worth voting for. Ya lah, I voted for her, so what? I like her. The recent episode (Ep 10) had her complaining in an interview about Cindy over a pair of Reeboks.

Sweet and innocent girl. She is also 18 years old, but lack the womenly ooze that Fiqa has. But she is still sweet and I think some guys will love her being the manja one. She was affectionally aka the Datin cos she commented that her hair felt like a Datin’s after being treated. Haha. Didn’t vote for her, though.

I don’t wanna be mean, but I don’t like her. Even when she came in for the audition, I didn’t like her already. She looked slutty. Well, perhaps what others say are true – she is someone girls would hate but guys would like. Anyway, if she wants to still be in the competition, I think she should just keep her opinions to herself. When you win, then only say lah, right? Why tarnish your own image on screen?

So, if you wanna catch what I have been catching, go over to www.malaysiandreamgirl.tv where you’d be able to get all the girls’ pictures, profiles and photo shoots assignments. And if you wanna read about some juicy gossips, head over to the Bloggers’ section where you’ll see links directing you to the gossips.

Personally, I do not know who will (or deserve to) win. There is a thin line bordering deserving to and winning, cos it all depends on people’s votes. If you have rich friends, they will cast hundreds of votes for you. If you are unpopular, well, you’ll be out before you even realise it. Just like all other reality, SMS votes based reality shows.

Perhaps the judges (or producers) should have 50% say in who’s in and who’s out. Gather other professionals as well. At least it is somewhat fairer this way. 


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