Gurney Hotel, Penang

Ultimately the worst hotel I have experienced in Penang is Gurney Hotel. They call themselves an all-suite residences but don’t be fooled – their suites feels like a cheap apartment.
The loo

Service was crappy – most of the staff we’ve come across with do not even understand simple English! The ‘suite’ we were given was not cleaned properly – you could see dust on the furnitures, stains on the sheets and a completed feedback form by the previous guest left on the dining table.

The living room

The blinds in the en-suite bathroom were not working, so, I called the housekeeping to have them fixed. Otherwise, I can’t even use the toilet, since the loo, bathtub and shower had a nice view overlooking the sea. No one came. Even after 3 calls. Or even after I have checked out. Just can’t believe how efficient they were.

Dining AreaBreakfast in their coffee house were equally bad. If you have a choice, skip their breakfast and eat at the adjacent Coffee Bean instead. At least you get better coffee! The only thing I like about them was the Wah Lai Toi channel. Perhaps they are the only hotel with WLT – lets me catch up with my drama serials. But then again, since I was there on business, I didn’t get the chance to watch much.

The bedroomOverall, I would say that their rooms are quite affordable, and definitely suitable for families on holiday. However, if you are expecting some service (and when I say service means decent service – cos I am not too demanding, anyway) forget Gurney Hotel. They will spoil your day like no other.


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