No longer a virgin

A virgin voter, that is, what were you thinking?

Malaysia’s 12th General Election last Saturday was the first time ever I casted my vote, and also, the time when BN suffered the most losses. I am not going to reveal here whether I am happy or not, and can’t really say I am until there are positive changes being made.

No doubt, being a Malaysian, I still hope that our country will still be aman-damai and I get to go to work peacefully, and have no qualms about going shopping alone.

Whatever it is, the losers need to buck-up and the winners still need to do a lot to perform. It is always harder to defend a position compared to having to win it over. If everything fails, there is still hope after 4 years.

Anyway, my DUN was Lembah Jaya and Parlimen, Ampang. There were three parties for me to choose from: BN, PKR and PAS. My area is under Selangor, so, as everyone would’ve known, the Opposition won.

My polling station was this school right behind the house where I formerly stayed, and luckily, that day wasn’t that busy. I didn’t even need to queue, and was out of the place within 5 minutes. And I thought it was going to take a long time.

That night, I followed the news like I never before. It wasn’t like I am a great supporter of the party that I voted for, but being a part of the election made me care about the results. Perhaps I was just plain curious, but nevertheless, those results appearing on the tv screen’s ticker was simply attention grabbing (not to mention heart stopping and shocking).

Well, after the results of this year’s election, a lot have started to have confidence again that their vote DOES count. Whatever it is, you will still see me going out again 4 years later to cast my vote.

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