Jimmy and Nong Thai BBQ

Jimmy and Nong Thai BBQ is tucked somewhere at a location people rarely know – Taman Cahaya – but the crowd on weekends makes you wonder whether they are that secluded or not. This place had been in existence for a long, long time and it is near where I stay.

I don’t come here often, as I know this is one of those place that my dad doesn’t like – food that doesn’t fill the stomach and expensive. So, one day, when he was away on a company dinner, my mom and I went to stuff ourselves silly.
Jimmy and Nong, however, is not one of those overpriced places where you tuck into your hot tomyam surrounded by cool air-conditioning and Malaysians dressed like Thai royalities you onle see in movies. This place is the least comfortable place for one to have their BBQ and tomyam. Be warned, when you are done, you will leave all sweaty and sticky and smelling as though you’ve been BBQed.


Heavenly Tomyam – not extremely spicy until you have no chance to enjoy the seafood swimming inside. I love the taste and mom who isn’t really a big fan of tomyam approves it, too. The portion for 2 of us is just right, although we did not finish the soup. There were at least 3 medium sized prawns and a reasonable number of quids. Of course, a little bit of button mushrooms, tomatoes, etc. One thing, though, the soup made me extremely thirsty. Must be the MSGs.

BBQ crab– we ordered just only one, which is more than enough for the 2 of us. Its flesh was sweet and fresh. Although it was BBQed, there isn’t a slight ‘burnt’ taste, which I was afraid of. Its shell was well ‘cracked’, so, you don’t need to hammer it the second time.

Salted fish kailan – Well, we do need some greens, right? They have kangkung belacan, too, but since we had other spicy dishes, we thought we’d order this. This is so-so, nothing really special. One thing to note that it is also not overly salty. We left it for a while when we attacked other food and it wasn’t too fishy, too when it was cold.

BBQ squid – Simply yummilicious! It comes with 2 types of sauces, one chilli (spicy) and one peanut (sweet). Mom simply loved the sweet one, but since I am not a sweet sauce kinda person, I dipped mine in the chilli sauce. Beware, though, it’s actually quite spicy. In fact, I think it’s a bit spicier than the tomyam. Their squid isn’t rubbery, instead, it was quite perfect a you won’t need to chew it for ages before swallowing.

BBQ cockles – I am not a fan of cockles, just the occasional one when I am having my curry noodles, so, I can’t comment much. Only thing I like is that it is not raw like those in your curry noodles but well cooked.


And oh yes, of course, we ordered drinks. I think the drinks stall was surely making huge money since every one seemed to be ordering second glasses. Both of us ordered a coconut each and towards the end of the meal, we had to add another limau kasturi with assam (ok, I don’t know what you would call this drink in English) which is, although very diluted, very thirst-quenching.
There are a lot of other food, like BBQ prawns, fish, lala, etc which we didn’t order. They have fried rice, too. We only had one plate of white rice to share. Trust me, you won’t want to stuff yourselves with too much rice. But, without rice, tomyam isn’t really tomyam, right?


I think I will come back for the affordable prices of authentic Thai food, but I assume people will one day get bored, since their menu is pretty standard. Unless they come out with more varieties, of course.

One comment on “Jimmy and Nong Thai BBQ

  1. E-ren says:

    I have been to this place for few times. their green has never been nice. Fried rice is always taste OK and some are expensive. yes, is always ramai orang lah.

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