Where are the Children

This book was so popular that it had been turned into a movie (well, which popular book hadn’t?) in 1986. Come to think of it, I was just in primary school then. So, I will forgive Mary for coming out with such a short one. The thrill of reading her 3rd story in a row has deminished considerably, thus making this less enjoyable.

In this piece that propelled MHC to fame, she played on something that is the deepest fear of each loving mother – losing her children. And this fear is hightened more when this mother in question, Nancy Harmon, was accused of murdering them. She was nearly sent to the gas chamber, but somehow, her conviction was over turned when the key witness went MIA.

Fast forward seven years, Nancy has adopted a whole new life. Changing her name and appearance, she was slowly picking up life again with her new family and new children. But the ghosts of her past simply didn’t want to let go. Once again, she had to go thorugh the trauma of losing her kids and facing the accusing looks of her loved ones.

The whole story (I can’t call it a book, it’s too short) took place in less than 24 hours – you know, something like Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code. I would say it this has still kept me reading on for I simply could not wait to see who exactly took her children earlier on, what was the motive behind all this and what exactly happened seven years ago.

The cliff hanger that MHC kept here was the slow revelation of what Nancy Harmon had forgotten – which may well be the only clue to solve the mysteries.

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