You Belong To Me

Author: Mary Higgins Clark

Like Let Me Call You Sweetheart, this novel is based on another song (which I had never heard of) titled You Belong to Me. Compared to the previous story, I found it even harder to put the book down. It was indeed an engaging thriller – something like a movie with cliffhangers that will keep you rooted until the end.

In You Belong to Me, Susan Chandler takes the lead as a lawyer turned psychologist who also hosts a successful radio programme. Talk about being successful and knowledgeable! One of her ‘fateful’ programmes had been an interview with another renowned psychologist whose book, ‘Missing Women’, captured her interest. Her show made reference to several women, who had over the years, vanished without a trace. If they were murdered, their bodies were never found.

Her subsequent talk shows – which raises the question of the disappearances of these seemingly successful and beautiful women – had unearthed skeletons in someone’s closet and this inadvertently placed her into the murderer’s list of people to get rid of. As Susan delves deeper into the case, she finds herself unable to trust anyone around her. And every time some one who seemed to be able to lead her to the murderer gets in touch, the person ends up getting killed.

So, who is the man behind all this? Why would he want to kill women whom he met at random? What is his motive, and is there a reason for him presenting his unsuspecting victims rings inscribed with the words ‘You Belong to Me’? Mary Higgins Clark has kept me reading through the night and I am sure you will be hooked as well.


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