Let Me Call You Sweetheart

Author: Mary Higgins Clark

I purchased from Readers’ Digest this hardcover bound copy of MHC’s 4-in-1 book and started off with Let Me Call You Sweetheart. Touted as the Queen of Suspense, how could I resist reading her works?

Sweetheart tells of a long closed case of a beautiful woman, Suzanne, murdered in her own home, sweetheart roses scattered all over her body. The husband was found guilty, but for years maintained his innocent plea. His guilt was further reinforced by the statement that his father-in-law, a renowned plastic surgeon gave. Although appeal after appeal were wearing his hopes thin, it was an encounter in the plastic surgeon’s office that prompted hard headed Assistant Prosecuter Kelly McGrath reopen the case. There were too many unanswered questions. And when someone tried to warn her off digging to deeply, her suspicions were proved true.

Why would a father recreate his daughter’s face in his current patients? Would the super rich, law breaker client of his ex-husband has something to do with Suzanne’s death? And being dreadfully plain during her younger years, how did Suzanne end up being a striking beauty, which no man could resist?

The plot and twists in the story was so satisfying that I read the whole thing within 2 days. Well, it isn’t that the story was particularly long – in fact, I was suprised to see the book when the package came through the post – but since these stories were written quite some time ago, I guess the length was acceptable during those times.

And just like my cup of coffee, there comes the twist in the end. Something unpredictable. Four stars out of five, if you want a rating.

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