I'm Legend

This show reminds me of 30 Days of Night. Zombies lurking around, hunting the only survivor of a deadly virus. Only thing is, the movie doesn’t seem to focus much on the living dead, but the loneliness and desperation of the only survivor in the face of Earth, Robert Neville and his dog, Sam. There have been numerous movies about disasters striking Earth and the devastation that follows. And I have always, always, thought that if I was ever placed into that position, I’d rather be one of the masses who have died, rather than someone to has to struggle and fight to stay alive.

I believe that this movie also has some essence of questionable human survival instincts built into it. Even the zombies’ survival instincts went down after a while, when there were nothing left for them to feed on. So what if you are alive and immune to whatever that destroyed every thing? If you are the only one left in this world, there isn’t any reason for you to live on, right?

Although Dr Robert Neville had found a cure for the disease, (thus making him the ‘legend’) but how is it possible for him to catch hold of each and every one of them to administer the injection? It would be quite a mission for him to do so, I think. But then again, there usually is no sense in most movies, right? Throughout the movie, I can’t help but wondering why the electricity didn’t go off and where did the supply came from, if he is the last man on Earth.

However, one thing I must mention is how I have been teary-eyed when Sam died. As a dog lover, I could not help but emphatise with Robert, his only companion in this world leaving him. One cannot help but think, Oh, gosh, now he really has no one left! And it was because of this also he had lost all hope and tried to kill himself, if not for another survivor coming round the last minute to save him.

Although he wasn’t the last man on Earth that he had thought to be, his will to survive had dropped so drastically that he refused to believe in the existence of a survivors’ colony. Perhaps if he was willing, he would have survived. But then again, a movie is always a movie and in the end, there had to be a sacrifices (although I don’t understand why it should be this way).

Robert blew himself up together with some tresspassers zombies (I’m sure thats not all of them!) and before that, passed a vial of antidote to another to pass on. And because of that (the sacrifices and what-not) he was made a legend.

Perhaps I should do some reading since reviews are more in favour of the book.

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