I received this text message from an unindentified number yesterday:

X’mas lunch 25 dec 1pm at my place. Pls rsvp by fri. Catering no’s. Mel.

Okay, so, Mel was having an X’mas party at her place. Good, I haven’t been to her place before since she got married and looked forward to seeing her in-laws.

At the same time, a college friend, AK, called inviting me to his wedding dinner. He also requested for Mel’s contact number so he could call her. Okay, I said, I will text him the number.

So I did. And I thought Mel changed her handphone number, so, I texted AK Mel’s new number.

After that, I texted Mel:

Is this ur new no or ur hubs?


Mine. I got it when I joined the Red Cross. They gave me a phone

Eh, since when did Mel change jobs? The last time I met her, she was still with Worldexpress Tours. She never mentioned her intention of changing jobs. And Red Cross! What coincidence! So, I texted again:

Red Cross? Since when? What do you do? I hv 2 frens workg wif the RC

Then came the reply:

Is this JW?

Of course this is JW, but wait — Mel doesn’t call me JW! — oppsss!!! So, I texted again:

Darn! Is tat Mel T? If u r, sorry. Mistook u 4 another Mel. And if u get an sms inviting u to a wedding pls ignore cos i sent ur no to d groom thinking u r d oth Mel!

So, in the end, I had to sheepishly text AK to apologise and hope he hadn’t sent out his invite to this poor, blur Mel. Like what Mel T said, I AM getting old, what a stupid mix-up! Well, I did turn 30 recently, didn’t I?


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