All girls once thought of themselves as a fairy tale princess marrying a prince and living happily ever after. Once we grow up, however, we were made to face the harsh reality – life isn’t really as rosy and sing-songy as it is in those fairy tale animations.

So, what if a real princess from a fairy tale landed smack right in the middle of cruel New York? Would she be disappointed at how love had turned out to be? Would she even survive in the game of love? And will she ever, if she was to eat a poisoned apple, be revived by her true love’s kiss?

Enhanted is an extraordinary movie, something different, and I am sure that both adults and children who were in the cinema with me enjoyed it thoroughly. Rather than a soppy love story, it tells of a dream come true. And also, the slight comedy that was attached to it provided some humour to the adults, too.

When Princess Giselle, who was supposed to marry Prince Edward, is pushed into a ‘wishing well’ by Ed’s wicked stepmother, she ended up in a place where ‘there is no happily ever after’. Luckily for her, she was picked up by a divorce lawyer (who doesn’t believe in happily ever after) Robert and his daughter, Morgan. Hilarity ensues as confusion on who Giselle really is and where she came from caught on; coupled with her breaking into songs every minute and mice and roaches helping her to clean up Robert’s apartment.

Just as when they are falling for each other, Edward (who thought someone had been holding Giselle captive) caught up with the love of his life. Glad to have found her safe an sound, they headed back to Andalasia to get married. However, Giselle was confused, feeling torn between the two. She started to have doubts on really loving her prince, and when she saw Robert kissing his fiancee at a ball, she was heart broken.

And then the movie goes back to the usual Snow White script – evil stepmother, poisoned apple and a true love’s kiss to wake the fair princess. It was then that every one realised Giselle’s true love was Robert. To make long story short, evil stepmom got killed, G and R got married and fairy tale Prince married Robert’s jilted fiancee.

If you are looking for a light hearted, funny movie that will give you the warm and fuzzy feeling inside, go watch Enchanted.

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