It's a Girl Thing

This was so heavily publicised in the media that I thought that I just gotta go. And when I managed to register online to get myself and a colleague a preview pass, I was already raring to leave the office to spend some money.

Unfortunately, it was a major, major disappointment. There wasn’t anything interesting at all! The retailers were not those that we anticipated to be and there are so few of them. Hall 1 and Hall 2 of the Convention Centre seemed so bare. We left barely 1/2 hr later.

The ones that we hated were the credit card and slimming companies who kept shoving their brochures into your face and pestering you to sign up with them. I mean, when you say shopping, what you already have is your credit card.

The makeover counter was nothing grand at all – not like those Estee Lauder or Bobbi Brown type but an unheard of brand whose makeover artist plastered the poor lady’s face with thick, cakey foundation and horrifying blue eye shadow. Haven’t they heard of the now ‘in’ barely there make-up? *Shudder*

I had also received a book of vouchers, which promises loads of discounts. But when I went around, checking out the booths and vouchers, they (the retailers) were already offering those said discounts. So, what’s the point? And mind you, those vouchers are valid only on the 3 exhibition days.

The same goes for clothing and shoes. Most of them were, I assume, things you could find in individual boutiques like Sg Wang or Mid Valley – nothing from Gap, Levi’s, G2000, Body Shop, etc. No wonder they didn’t put up the list of participants on their website!

Honestly, with their adverts, I really thought that it would be something fun, like huge discounts and bargains from good retailers. Maybe I am choosy, but it wouldn’t be something that would attract a true-blue shopaholic.


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