I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry

When firefighter Larry Valentine was faced with the possibility that he could die anytime and his beloved children become beggars in Bangladesh, he tried to make their lives better by naming them as his pension beneficiaries. However, due to some bureaucracy in the system, he was unable to change the name because he didn’t do it before a certain deadline.

The only way he could make sure his children get the money is to remarry and make sure the new wife gives the money to his children.

Unable to forget his deceased wife and trust anyone, he made his best friend, Chuck – a womaniser who owed him for saving his life – enter into a domestic partnership with him, with hilarious results, of course.

What they thought was a simple thing that no one needed to know soon blew up to a national issue, with an irritating investigator breathing down their neck.

What the movie has tried to sell, I believe, was successfully sold. The whole point of the ‘marriage’ was not just about fraud – but what will one best friend be willing to do for the other, as well as the team unity of the Fire Department. And of course, how hurtful name calling can be and the need to accept some people (gays and lesbians) for what they are.

One scene that I am particularly fond of was what Larry’s daughter had said in court. She had rattled off some names of mammals which mate with their own sex so nonchalantly that you could not help but see the innocence in a child – how they regard every one the same and how they do not perceive things to be wrong.

A thumbs up from me.

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