30 Days of Night

I mentioned before that scary movies are what I would usually go for – alone. And this is why when 30 Days of Night started to terrorise cinema buffs, I bought a ticket on Monday.

The idea of vampires terrorising a cold, dark town is quite inviting, although I knew that at the end of everything, the vampires will all die (somehow) and the hero and heroine lives happily ever after.

I was wrong. Hero died. Heroine grieved. Only the head vampire died. Maybe to make way for a sequel, I guess. After all, how much gore and feasting can you squeeze into one and a half hours?

Anyway, the movie was kinda alright, not terrific, but surprisingly clear enough for me to see what was going on. It was different from some movies which purportedly has scenes at night and remained so dark throughout you can’t even see what’s happening.

30 DON took place in an Alaskian towan, in which during the bone wrecking winter, has to go through 30 days in darkness. Apparently, the sun will go into hibernation and villagers won’t be able to get themselves a tan. Erm, depressing, I would say, not to mention eerie. Bet the electricity bill for that month would be exhorbitant.

I personally think the movie wasn’t gory enough. Whenever a vampire ‘feeds’ on a victim, what was shown is just its head moving around (like you know, as if the thing is rubbing its nose on the victim’s neck) and the victim writhing. Come on, show us some real biting action. (Discovered later that scenes might be censored)

These vampires seemed to be able to move like Superman initially but towards the end every vamp was strolling in a human-like manner. Good thing, if not, we would not be able to catch what was happening at all. They could speak, but in this vampire language. Viewers were able to understand by reading the subtitles. Rationale behind this, I don’t know.

I thought the hero was kinda good looking, so, it was a waste that he tainted his own blood with vamp blood and then finished off by the sun at the end. They (the producers) should’ve kept him alive and wrap up by making him the head vamp. That would also be good enough for a sequel, don’t you think?

Overall, it wasn’t as scary, gory and disgusting as I had hoped it would be. But as with all movies adapted from best sellers, the book will always be better. Perhaps I should go look for the book and read the story.

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