I’m so excited now that I am going to post this in both my blogs.

Dark City 2 is finally out!!!

I’ve got my copies on Wednesday and it will another week or two before it hit the bookstores! I know it’s a bit thick-skinned of me but I have also been ‘broadcasting’ it to almost every one at work.

Well, what to do, it’s my very, very first time being recognised as a writer! I’ve some stuff published before but they were all written under pseudonyms and nothing grand.

I heard that there might be some promotion and publicity work later and hopefully I will be able to get some publicity, too. Gotta make myself known, right?

But, I still have this little feeling that tells me that I am not up to par yet and this can’t be all true.. 😦

On the other hand, I kept referring to the copies I have in my hand and remind myself that yes, this is true!

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