Harry Potter 7

 Author: JK Rowling

JK Rowling’s series finale proved to be quite captivating, if not predictable. Well, at least that’s what I think. Who will want Voldemort to win and darling Potter to die?

And as I would’ve guessed, everyone lived happily ever after, although there are some surprise deaths here and there. But if there weren’t any of these deaths, the book would be quite disappointing, right? Anyway, I do not know whether the speed I was reading was due to the fact that I was left way behind – read it only in October! – or that the storyline was too intense for me to lay down the book. Bottom line was, I still find Rowling to be a good author and myself sighing at the very end and feeling a little bit sad that there would not be any more Harry Potter books after this.

What I am anticipating now, though, would be the release of the movies in the big screen and hopefully, at the end of the final ‘chapter’ there will be a movie-marathon in the cinemas comprising all the 7 movies in a day! Possible? I just hope they wouldn’t hold it during exhibition time.

Back to the review –

I had initially heard from others that there would be 3 deaths in the last book but when I was done reading it, I have lost count on how many people actually died. Of course, I don’t limit myself to the ‘good’ characters only – the ‘bad’ ones are included as well. And of course the non-humans (Hedwig and Dobby?!) Why shouldn’t they? At least they are the ones who added spice to the whole thing.

However, I think the deaths came too sudden – there weren’t enough suspense leading to them and also grievance after. Well, except for Dobby and Moody’s death, that is. Tonks, Lupin and Fred’s came and gone like a swift spell. I was disappointed with Fred’s death the most. Kept telling myself that he didn’t die and maybe, just maybe, at the end of the book, Rowling will revive him and provide a reasonable explanation on what happened. Sadly, that didn’t happen. Also, I find the ending a bit abrupt, if not rushed. There were no further details provided on what happened to others (good and bad), except for the three main characters.

I thought Rowling should’ve explored more on the aftermath of the ‘war’, you know, whatever happened to the Weasleys (one-ear George in particular), Hermione’s parents and all the minor characters.

But having said that, I still find the book to be a good read. It can be said as one of the best books out of the lot and hopefully, there will somehow be some more after this. Well, I know it’s the end already, but anything is possible in a writer’s world! And if you do not think so, anything can be packaged in a interesting way and marketable!

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