A poor child

Yes, if you’ve read the papers recently, if you are a parent yourself and if you are someone who have feelings — I am talking about little Nurin.

A sad fate has befallen her, this poor girl who was not meant to suffer like she had. Her parents, too, I believe, had suffered tremendously. And today, I read that they might be sued for negligence.

I am not a parent yet, and might not understand fully how parenting works. Responsibility is the main issue here and whether the parents were supposed to be held responsible or not is not for anyone to judge at all. NO ONE.

If I was still young and naive I would point a finger at them and say – how irresponsible! what kind of parents are they? – to be honest, I still say that – how could they even let their child go to the pasar malam alone? Are they our of their mind?

But seeing others who are parents, seeing sometimes, as humans, we do things that we knew was wrong, and yet still did it, hoping that the repercussions would not come by, make me believe that they wanted nothing like this to happen.

They were full of remorse. They cried, refused to believe that their daughter was dead. I am positive that not every second pass after the discovery of their daughter’s body that they did not blame themselves, hoped that they could turn back time and watch Nurin closely.

And not one second that their tears stopped flowing.

I don’t see a need to sue them. No punishment is harsher than what they are going to go through for the rest of their lives.

And for God’s sake, let the child rest in peace, let the family mourn in peace and get to the root of the problem — the issue of safety of the rakyat.

Sick people are terrorising our livelihood, threatening the safety of our children. Concentrate on what’s important now and leave the innocent alone.


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