Mini Zoo?!

I was reading this report on today’s paper and was hugely drawn into it.

I remember being in school (almost 15 years ago!!) and having difficulty to answer the question on who’s my best friend. Thing is, I didn’t know who my best friend was and was too embarrassed to admit so.

No, it isn’t that I am a loner – I have quite a number of friends, but we travel and do things in a pack group, so, all of them are my best friends.

Anyway, it’s kinda good to know now that this best friend thingy is a thing of the past and now, slowly, young people are regarding their best friends to be those they usually hang out together in a group.

Well, maybe I had fast forwarded into the future at that time, but I believe that most of my friends will think the same, too, if you’d asked them.

I had always, always believed that the friends you made in school are the most genuine friends you can ever find. Yea, you might meet more friends after you’ve gotten out of school, but they might just be people that you need to be friends with.

Friends from schools will be most honest with you, and tend to stay with you forever. Well, at least until someone breaks off the clique.

To put it simply, they are just different. Those who grew up with you and those you met after you’ve grown up.

This group of friends I had while in school was named – Mini Zoo. Yea, that’s what we call ourselves. I’ve written a poetry on this long time ago and still enjoy reading it every now and then. Mischievous as we may seem, we still took our studies seriously and never failed any exams.

We are now all working, some married and became a mom, but we still meet up and gossip about things. It’s quite a miracle actually that we are still keeping in touch after so many years.

To Babee, Giraffee, Froggy, Polar, Kerby (Kerbau) and Goldie (Goldfish — yours truly) let’s keep it going till we have grandchildren!

And to those who are still studying out there, cherish your friends and keep the friendship going strong! Nothing is more valuable than them (especially when you’ve started working!)


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