Bourne Ultimatum

I can’t comment much on this as I am not exactly a fan of action packed movies/dramas. I watched this when I was on a business trip to Brunei – rather than being cooped up in a hotel room alone, I guess spending a couple of hours in a cinema wouldn’t be that bad.

I did not watch any of the previous Bourne movies, so, I went in basically with zilch knowledge on what the show about. Anyway, I was very impressed with all the action, camera tricks and choreography involved.

Matt Damon proved to be both a suitable and irresistible Jason Bourne. Well, if it wasn’t for him, I’m sure half of the viewers wouldn’t choose this movie in the first place. The cat and mouse game that follows through the whole thing, although predictable and unbelievable, was impressive. If you immerse yourself into it without giving much thought about how irrational things might seem, you will enjoy it.

Like all other movies, the baddies get caught at the end, and our hero survived, although the director(s)/writer(s) tried to potray it in a subtle way.

I sometimes would wonder what will happen to me if I wake up (or regain consciousness) one day not knowing who I am. It’s very scary – you wouldn’t know whether the people beside you is friend or foe and how on Earth did you end up where you were.

What would happen to my family and friends? Would they think I had just vanished from this World? Creepy…

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