Perfect Stranger

Caught this movie when I was in Brunei. Like I mentioned in my other blog, there isn’t much to do there, so, my colleagues and I had to make do by going to the cinema.

Reading the synopsis of the movie before watching it had kept me interested. Plot on lies, secrets and what-nots are what I would usually go for. And of course, with casts like Halle Berry and Bruce Willis, who wouldn’t have high expectations?

The movie, in actual fact, was quite disappointing. Don’t read on if you plan to watch it, as there will be some spoilers that follows.

Rowena (Halle Berry) is a journalist and the story started off with her editor cancellling one of her big stories because it involved some one with power. Disgusted, she quits and landed in the middle of her best friend’s murder. She promised the grieving mother to find out who the murderer was and to bring him/her to justice. And, assisting her in the investigations, is her admirer, Miles (Giovanni Ribisi).

Miles loved her, although she was too stupid to know. He assisted her in everything, including a plot to plant a spyware in Harrison Hill’s (Bruce Willis) computer. This Harrison is a super rich fella apparently had an affair with Rowena’s best friend before she died.

The whole movie was not so interesting, and I thought that it moved a but too quick. There weren’t any steamy scenes between Rowena and Harrison and I felt that both their characters were underplayed. There wasn’t any chemistry at all between the two!

Anyway, Harrison was framed for a murder he didn’t commit, gladly accepted the fact (??) and sent to jail. Miles somehow, got to know who the real murderer was and in a span of less than 10 minutes, related how the murder took place, why and get killed at the same time.



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