What Royal Brunei Airline did..

Finally, I’m back from the land of Brunei. Yep, boring, slow moving, unexciting, absolutely ‘dead’ land of Brunei. I just don’t understand how people can live in a such relaxed mood. Of course, I can’t deny that it is a good idea to take life slow-mo, but when you are used to doing things at bullet speed, they get on your nerves. Really.

Even food in the hotel, which was supposedly ‘international’ sucks big time. That was why I had no choice but to entertain myself with taking a photo of this really obscene looking napkin during breakfast. Tee-hee.

Our trip there this time wasn’t so smooth sailing. It all started with those so-called air steward(ess) on board RBA. You know what, they served me beef, telling me it was chicken!

Before you say that it’s my fault for failing to differentiate chicken and beef, let me retaliate by asking if you’ve travelled often enough to judge the quality of airline food. Unless you are on-board the first class, of course, the food they serve will never fail to amaze you.

Okay. They were serving food on the plane and my colleagues and I were seated in the middle row. I was seated on one side of the aisle and my colleague, another. They served me first, citing a choice between chicken satay and fried noodles with vegetables. So, I chose chicken satay.

I opened the thing up and floating around in some peanut sauce were few pieces of meat. Yea, not meat on skewers, but meat in peanut sauce. They might as well call it chicken with peanut sauce.

They were not the colour chicken meat should be, but trusting them, I ate anyway, because that’s what they told passengers seated in front, beside and behind me. As usual, it was tasteless but towards the last few pieces, I thought they tasted funny. First thing that came into my mind was mutton.

But then…

The steward serving my colleague on another aisle told them it was beef satay. I was shocked and by that time, had finished.

So, what else, we complained la…

I started by asking the same couple who served me. They, however, insisted that it was chicken and they do not serve beef on board.

Yea, right!

When I insisted that it was beef and mentioned that his colleague serving the next aisle said it was beef, he said he doesn’t know and asked us to check with them (the one who said it was beef) instead.

We checked with him and he confirmed that it was beef. So, a big hoo-haa began to brew and it got to the head stewardess. She came and started to ask what’s wrong and we told her.

She didn’t apologise at first, but somehow put the blame back on me by saying that I should’ve stated my preference when I was booking my ticket. I was like what?! If I am a vegetarian and I demand to be served vegetarian meals on board even though I didn’t state my preference, then it is my fault.

But you were the one who told me that what you serve is chicken and now you say it’s my fault for not saying I don’t eat beef? Hello?

I have travelled so much and I had never needed to tell the airline about my food preference cos I am fine with anything. If they told me that they only have beef that day, I would’ve gladly turned down the main meal and just make do with the sides – cakes, buns, whatever!

We argued with her, told her that’s not the point, but the misinformation. She still ‘suggested’ that I should’ve stated my preference.

Honestly speaking, I would’ve just let it go if they say they are truly sorry, but putting the blame back on me?

We would’ve continued arguing but the head stewardess finally apologised. Her tone and expression, however, was far from apologetic.

She moved away after that and requested for the steward who served me to come to apologise. I have to say that when he came, he did sound sincere. He asked me what he could do but I told him nothing, cos I had eaten everything. The best thing he could do, was, offer me some drinks.

So, I took up his offer (what else could I do, anyway) and was given just some juice and 2 packets of ground nuts.

Sigh…. maybe I should’ve just feigned sickness and ask to be upgraded to first class. Heh.. but that’s so not me..

But I’m going to remember this incident for the rest of my life and tell everyone I know.


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