New toy and savings

I discovered through HSBC’s website that they offer a service called vPost recently. They are in some ways an online ‘delivery’ service that will cut down international shipping costs by almost half.

Since I have ordered something from the US, and the shipping charges were the issue that made me start regretting buying that darn thing, I thought of trying out this vPost thingy.

So, I registered myself – apparently you’ll need a HSBC credit card to be a member and was offered a membership number. So, I wrote to the service people at Alphasmart again and queried if I could change my order and have my item shipped to vPost USA’s office instead.

I think this is how it works: Item goes to vPost office in USA (so shipping costs is now only USD10) and then vPost will ship to me at a lower rate compared to what the merchant had originally charged me (USD89)

I am not sure how much will vPost charge me just yet, but hopefully it will still save me some money.

Anyway, the other advantage with this service is that it offers shipping for merchants (in the US) who do not ship internationally!! So, if you’ve been eyeing something in an online store but he merchant happens not to ship internationally, sign up with vPost!

I can’t wait for my Neo (that’s the name of my toy!)


One comment on “New toy and savings

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