I was reading a friend’s blog about her being impressed with the Immigration Dept. Yes, it’s kinda hard for us Malaysians to be impressed with the public service in general because they are (or were) a bunch of uncommitted people.

Anyway, her usage of a word – Kudos – reminded me of something else which I’d like to bring up.

My previous job placed me at this large bank, doing supposedly what is customer service (or that was what I thought I am employed to do — but that would be another story) and also some sales; which I hated. A lot.

My team members were quite competitive people (not me), and so, happened to close the most sales compared to others; including the sales department; on one occassion. I can’t remember exactly what but it was during this marketing period. 

Our team leader (and manager) was very happy of course – got face, mah. We were also ‘rewarded’ in a small, glitzy ceremony.

But then, the only thing was, our team manager (TM) was too busy to attend. She is based in the HQ which was only about 10 mins walk away (or less than 5 mins drive away). And, for the next few weeks, didn’t even come over to say anything. No emails. Nothing.

We were not that disappointed cos:
(1) we expected it, cos we were never exposed to culture like BC, where Directors and SMT mingle with staff
(2) we know how she is — this thing to her is just very minimal

Anyway, the thing that irked us (or me) was, our team leader (TL) tried hard to ‘protect’ her when we voiced our dissatisfaction. Okay, it wasn’t anything near dissatisfaction but some stuff that you tend to bring up during your bitching sessions.

So, when we said thigns like ‘no point working hard, efforts not recognised’ kind of stuff, TL told us that TM called her and mentioned the word ‘Kudos’ to every one.

We laughed it off, of course!

But TL then said again, “Do you know that the word ‘Kudos’ is a very strong word? It isn’t some small word of praise. It’s a word to use when someone really praises someone else.’

Okay. Now, my other colleagues then MIGHT NOT understand the significance of this word, but, I DO. Yes, of course I do. But, come on, strong word?

I retaliated by saying ‘Well, actions speak louder than words. A pat on the back seemed more to me than any big words’ Although I wasn’t the one being rewarded (cos I didn’t close as much sales) but I still wanted recognition for my colleagues.

TL then mumbled something incomprehensible, which we gradually didn’t take on.

Well, till the day I left, I didn’t really get to speak to the TM in person, in an informal way. Heck, when one of my colleague left, she tried to ask her to stay but not me. The only thing she did was to call me and said ‘I know you are leaving for BC, so, I knew there would be no point to ask you to stay’

Ah, well…. another colleague said she should’ve at least tried to talk to me; you know, to be fair and all, but honestly, I didn’t mind at all. I don’t care.

Although life is not perfect in BC, I still have no regrets coming here. Of course, my team members here are always the best that I’ve ever had (you know who you are!)

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