Even with her eyes closed Sandra could feel the warmth of the setting sun. She knew that it would be a breathtaking sight now, watching the orangey glow of the ball of fire slowly sink out of sight behind the horizon.

Deceptive, really.

The sun literally disappearing into no where; magically reappearing again in another part of the world.

She wondered if life could be as perfect, too. Where one can vanish from one place and reappear in another, taking up a new life and new beginning.

“I love you, Sandra,” came the murmur just above her head. The arms around her rubbed her shoulders lightly; and thereafter a soft kiss on her forehead.

“Love you, too, Adam,” she replied and sank her head deeper into his chest. How nice if the sun would stop setting at this instance. And how wonderful if time could stop for them.

Sandra opened her eyes just in time to catch the last glimpse of the now reddish sun. The formerly blue sky was now bluish grey all over. Like her bruised heart.

She held up her head and stared at Adam. He was staring at the setting sun, deep in thoughts.

“Have you ever regretted being with me?” she asked. She knew what the answer was but still wanted to know.

He didn’t reply.

Silence took over. A gush of cool breeze brushed past them and lifted a strand of his hair, revealing his troubled eyes.

“No, Sandra,” he replied finally.

She sighed heavily. It wasn’t the truth, she knew. And yet, she was glad that he took the trouble to lie.

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