That woman!

A recollection by Sneezy on Snow White

The day she came into our lives changed forever. I still remember the day we came home and found her lying on one of our beds. Whose, I couldn’t remember.


Well, that was because I was too busy sneezing (again!) It was not until someone pointed out that this woman was there that I noticed her. At first, she looked to me like she was dead. So white, so calm and so peaceful.

But of course she wasn’t! She woke up later, surprised to see us there. What did she think? That this house is uninhabited?

They liked her, of course – maybe with the exception of Grumpy – the er, grumpy one, and invited her to stay. I am not the type who would like to complain but her smell made my sneezing worse. And I hated it.

Anyway, she tried to be helpful, eventhough I avoided her as much as I could. Didn’t want to tell her that she’s making me sneeze; might hurt her pride. Her presence was definitely good, she helps around the house and cooks really, really well. I still miss her cooking.

Unlike the others, I felt her presence was intrusive. The story she had been telling us about her stepmother was freaking me out. I have heard from other drawfs in the marketplace that humans are evil and this supposedly ‘myth’ is proved true by what she was telling us.

On the other hand, I found it hard to believe that she was so angelic. I mean, there will be some evilness in every one right? Like me, for example, I always treated her nicely even though I don’t like her. What if she is someone who could cleverly hide behind an evil mask?

Perhaps she was sent by her King to invade our land! Anyway, life went on as usual for us. We still had to work, of course, especially since we have an extra mouth to feed. She stayed at home most of the time, afraid that she would come across that stepmother of hers.

The others had agreed, too, constantly reminding her not to open the door and be wary of strangers.

Then one day, we came back from work and found her dead.

Yes, dead!!

We knew because Doc checked her breathing and heartbeat and confirmed that she was dead. Everyone else broke into tears, including Bashful and Happy, whom I have not seen crying before.

I, myself, was moved to tears. Although I preferred not to have her around, I didn’t want her to die. A half-eaten apple lay by her side and when Doc inspected it, he said it was poisoned.

So, there she went, a soft, beautiful lady, gone just like that. She shouldn’t have been so greedy. Accepting apples form strangers! But then again, who would’ve known.

Slowly, we came to realise that it might have been her evil stepmother behind this. No one else would want to harm her. I shuddered at the thought of that and silently prayed that she would not come after us.

We were preparing to bury her the next day when someone arrived on a horse and an entourage. According to the men, he was the Prince from the neighbouring country. He sure looked dashing, and was instantly attracted to our dead woman.

We told him that she was dead and the look on his face told me that he was deeply saddened and disappointed. How one could fall in love with a pale, dead woman was beyond me.

He asked to touch her, and we agreed. But with him coming near me – and smelling good – I felt like sneezing again. I tried hard to surpress it, because I was holding on to one end of the coffin and I didn’t want to let go.

In the end, however, I let out the hugest sneeze ever and the coffin fell. Everyone was shocked and annoyed at me.

But then, something magical happened. our lady slowly woke, as if from a deep sleep and in a daze, asked us where she was. We were shocked, of course, and I nearly fleed, because I thought she was a ghost.

But Doc checked her again and reluctantly confirmed that she is as alive as anyone of us! Happy jumped for joy and so did the Prince. Snow White looked embarrassed when he held her, but I could tell that she liked him, too.

And so, from that day on, she went off to live with the prince while we get on with our life. Surely life has to go on, right? She still visits us every now and then.

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