Some ‘scenes’ would occasionally come into my mine while I try to conjure up a story. Although they come in bits and pieces, I ought to be putting them down somewhere just in case they will one day make up an interesting short story.

The accident – Car was approaching a junction, a dog stood in the way. Car honks, driver hopes to scare dog away, but dog refuses to budge. Stared coldly at the driver, driver shudders. Somehow, it seems that the dog’s eyes glowed – red colour, liek evil. Driver was momentarily hypnotised. Another car from the left sped and hit the first car. Both drivers died, dog vanished. Eerie!

The vengeful granny – Illegal car racing youth hit granny during race in middle of night. Granny left to die. Did not feel guilty, still participting in races. While racing one night, passed by scene of accident. At exact same hour when granny was hit, youth saw granny’s face grinning at him through window. Scared shitless, lost control, crashed and died, exact same location where granny died.

There should be more, but I couldn’t recall them now. Maybe I should be really writing them down more often.

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