Co-curricular activities

I was having a conversation with my colleagues few days ago about the co-curricular activities in schools. (I actually had a conversation with one colleague and then another 2 in separate occasions). We remembered having them, too, and how we loathe them.

First of all, what I do not understand is why students have to be forced in taking up certain activities that they do not like. Yes, in the pretext of making our lives more meaningful as students, not concentrating on studies only but be equally good in these out-of-classes activities, the school management actually forces students to join these clubs and societies.

I know they mean well, but couldn’t these adults understand that there are certain things that some students like and some, dislike? I, for example, hates any sort of sports. Yes, I admit that I am not particularly active and it isn’t really good, but does every one actually like netball, basketball or ping pong or badminton?


Even if you told the teachers that you don’t like them, you still have to participate. Yeah, go for these scheduled activities and sit there under the hot sun watching others play. What a waste of time! We might as well spend time in the library! Anyway, PE in school was a total bore. The PE teachers knew only how to gather every one, throw us a ball and then let us do whatever we want.

Hey, come on! Do something more interesting!

If lets say our PE lessons (or co-curricular activities) have more interesting classes like aerobics, body balance, yoga, pilates, belly dancing, archery, etc, I’m sure our lives would be so much more fulfilled, right?

Btw, I ended up joining the cheerleading team (yes, you read right! — the cheerleading team) knowing well enough I won’t be selected (I don’t want to be selected, anyway) and when I can’t do splits or high jumps, I am disqualified.

So, no more stupid practices.

Well, those were the days.

But I am aware that the situation are getting tougher nowadays in schools with demerit points being awarded if a student misses these activities. Well, you can award demerit points but what are you teaching the child by forcing them to participate. Don’t they know that force purts people off? At the end of the day, every one hates school, including the parents. 

People will slowly lose trust, take their child out of school, put them into international schools or home school them. So, who will be at loss?

Another thing I don’t understand is the way they make students collect donations. Hello? They are just kids. How do you expect tjhem to go round the neighbourhood to ask for money? If you need funds, just organise a canteen day, or some fund raising activity like car wash or something like that where adults can monitor them.

Even adults feel awkward asking for money and you ask kids to solicit funds? I wonder who came up with this idea.

I remember coming home with those Jogathon / Walkathon cards and being at a loss on what to do. Can’t expect my parents, cos they have a business to run and they have no time to entertain me. My family’s not rich, so, how much could we donate? Unlike those with parents who are well-to-do, work in air-conditioned offices and have loads of colleagues to ask for favours, I have none. Imagine how hard it was for a child.

Sigh. Education in M’sia. 


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