Jerry Maguire

I can’t believe that I watched this only ages and ages after the movie was released and when all the hype had die down. Well, what to do, I got my Astro installed just less than a year ago and I am not a huge fan of queues in the cinemas.

Although Tom Cruise is the supposedly the ‘main attraction’ of the movie, I was actually more drawn by Jonathan Lipnicki, a cute, talkative boy. He was Renee Zellweger’s son. Yea, I like kids, especially those who has lots of questions to ask. But I believe I will hate them if they are mine.

The movie has everything that makes up a cliche of ‘riches to rags and back to riches again’ type of story. Jerry was so successful (initially) that he had conveniently forgotten what was most important – the human touch, the Kwai.

It also depicts the reality of the corporate world – don’t expect your colleagues to stand by your side when you are in the brink of losing your job, and, there are bound to be those who betray you. It is a tough life and tough fight out there. We can’t blame the colleagues or some of his clients, though. They need to survive, too. But there is always a silver lining in every cloud.

Jerry was lucky to still be able to maintain one of his clients, the only one that was worth his time concentrating on. Rod Tidwell, a football player who was once a star but was now consumed by his arrogance and thus, losing his passion for football, was his only friend and client.

And, at the end of the day, as what the audience would’ve expected – Jerry got his fame back, and Rod, his ability to play with his heart.

Not too bad a movie, but I think the plot is so predictable you might as well write it yourself.

P/S: Forgot to mention about Jerry’s relationship with Dorothy, which I think is extremely sparkless and lukewarm. This was probably what the producers wanted to potray, but even though towards the end when Jerry realises that he does want Dorothy, the passion didn’t seem to be there. They might as well split and then ‘share’ Ray. At least if that happens, the whole story won’t be so predictable, right?


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