My Sister's Keeper

 Author: Jodi Picoult

“What is the most difficult decision a mother has to make?” – I came across this question while watching a trailer on TV one day (don’t ask me what show it was, I forgot) and could not answer it. Maybe it was because I am not a mother yet, but when they reveal the answer, it hit me. Hard.

The most difficult decision a mother has to make is when someone asks her to choose between her children. Who to take away from her, who to be favoured upon. And from the same trailer, it was a choice of life and death. The mother has to choose which child to sacrifice in order for another to live. How do you make this decision?

My Sister’s Keeper, although does not dwell on the decisions a mother has to make, plays on this a little bit, too. It is a tear-jerker, I must say, and makes the reader wonder what’s right and what’s not. Who should we side? The torn mother who wants only the best for her child? Or a young girl who does not think life it’s fair if she lived on the sole purpose of keeping her sister alive?

Picoult has played on this question well in her book and I say that it WILL hit on any mothers who read this. The struggles of the family extends to the father and the son, too. The father who feels guilty when he wanted to agree with his donor daughter and the son who felt useless, resorting to crime to get attention.

There were other people involved, too, like the lawyer who is also struggling with a sickness taht he didn’t want everyone to know and the ‘guardian ad litem’ who cannot forget her first love.

This book is something different, gives the feel of a real life story, and yet it is just a work of fiction which sparks off the reader’s feelings and stays fresh after the ending.

P/S: There is an unexpected ending, too

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