Chinese maids?

Although this issue has been brought up quite a while ago by ‘someone in charge of these things’ and was opposed by ‘some women group’, it seems that every now and then you’d still read the occasional comments, letters and columnist write-ups about the topic.

Obviously, with the issue involving the whole nation (er, more for the Chinese community in particular, actually) there are bound to be people who oppose and people who agree. There isn’t any national issue (political or otherwise) that will generate a 100% agreement. And undoubtedly, when something negative happens as a result of a decision made, the ‘other’ group will be quick to chime in with “I told you so”-s.

Well, if you ask me, I DO NOT agree with the suggestion. Call me discriminatory, superficial, or even grossly unfair, but there are some points that I am aware of:

1) It is difficult for a woman to trust another woman. Isn’t it true? I mean, deep down inside, no matter how ugly the other is, you just won’t trust her, esp when you really love your man.

2) It is even more difficult for a woman to trust a man. Fully. Yes, for those who says that they trust their man, you are naive. I believe that there are a lot of other women out there who know that you cannot FULLY trust a man, cannot be too dependant on him and you won’t know what will happen few years down the road, even if you are on cloud nine now.

I am not saying that I won’t trust my (future) husband, I will, for if I were to get married, trust my husband. But what happens in during marriage is something no one can control. Many women nowadays are independent, because they realise that if they are too dependent and trusting, then they’d be taken for granted AND unable to survive if their husbands left them.

3) Sometimes things happen one-way. I am not a risk taker, and I won’t want to end up with a scheming woman (Chinese or not) who will get herself pregnant and force my hubby to leave me for her. Or, I won’t want to risk my hubby being the unfaithful one as well.

4) I see too many cases of men (esp rich ones) having kept Chinese mistresses. Yes, real life experience. That what makes me not trust them. You think they won’t take this advantage to come into our families and do the same thing? Yeah, right. If there are good girls there who know too well to protect their dignity, they won’t come all the way to work as maids anyway. They will stay at home and become a good mother and wife. The culture of Chinese people.

5) Come on, lah! There are so many problems with other nationalities’ maids you have not solved, you want to bring in some more? Tackle the problem at the root! Make sure there are no problems with the current foreign workforce first! Sooner or later, our country will be full of non-Malaysians.

6) S’pore allowed Chinese mothers into their country to ‘accompany’ their children studying in the country. Anyone know how much problems they gave? And these are mothers we are talking about.

7) Finally — reasons like ‘If he strays, then he is not someone worth me staying in marriage with. I will divorce him’ No matter what you say, at the end of the day, if this really happens, you WILL feel sad, bad and blame yourself for what happened (even though it is not your fault) If you really loved him, that is. Can you stand the heartache?

I know I am being very discriminatory here, but these are my thoughts. I guess I am just another normal woman.


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