Love on the Rocks

Author: Veronica Henry

What I think: I have not been reading chick lits for quite some time when I came across this book. My colleague had just finished reading it and since she said it is worth reading, I took it on. I am not sure if you can call this chick lit, cos somehow, the story line was quite interesting. If you are one who likes a good love story with a good ending, this is one you should go for. Having said that, this meant that the ending was quite predictable – nothing special – where every one ends up with someone and lives happily ever after.
This book tells of a beautiful and often lusted-after girl, Lisa Jones and her boyfriend, George. Fed-up with the rat race, they resigned and bought over a hotel in the outskirts of town. The author has successfully tried to describe the place to be the most beautiful one on Earth, all the characters loving it very much.

Besides the life of the main characters, Veronica has also thrown some history of the not so idyllic lives of the others. Somehow, their lives had turned for the better when they come to live in Mariscombe (where the story is set). It is interesting to read how the lives of some people in the small town intertwine with each other; and also how the way people look might not be how they seemed to be.

Overall, this is good, would recommend it to those who like happily ever after stories; be it in the department of love, relationships or even family connections.

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