Yahoo! Photos


Just discovered a few days ago that Yahoo! is going to terminate their photo album account. Which means I have to look for another photo hosting website to store all my photos and there will be endless downloading and saving of photos all over again and uploading them to another website.

The problem is: finding a reliable and FREE photo hosting website. Yes, although there are a lot of supposedly free services out there, they are not really what they claim to be.

Some requires you to purchase prints from them in order for you to keep your account free. I learnt a lesson when I signed up for an account with a website (they did not indicate anywhere in their pages that we need to purchase prints to keep our account) and had to sign up for a year of their membership.

Besides that, most of the other ‘free’ ones limit your number of photos uploaded. So, you will need to monitor the number of photos you upload every month and once your limit is up, that is. No more uploading. So how? You need to pay lah to upgrade.

Whatever it is, now I have no choice. So, I have created a new account for myself in Flickr. Still in the process of uploading and will decide what to do when my limit is up.

Those of you with Yahoo! accounts — take note!


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